Images from a paper by Noorduin et al. on the emergence of self-assembling, complex mineral nanostructures from solution by manipulation of conditions in the solution such as temperature, pH, and CO 2 concentrations. The design and control of complex nano- or microstructures has practical ramifications in fields such as optics, catalysis, and electronics. 

Scientists dedication to their subject may sometimes appear quirky or even eccentric, but it stems from a trait that I think many scientists share : an all-embracing curiosity.
Brian Cox in episode 2 of Science Britannica (Method and Madness)

In response to “justanotherbrownboy”, art can sometimes reflect things that we don’t want to see as they are, and yes animal experimentation is a sensitive subject that we often don’t like to see or share even as scientists, maybe that’s why we want to make art out of it. So just saying it isn’t beautiful or isn’t art really isn’t getting us anywhere, is it.